Silver Lake Research Corporation has developed a new approach to the problem of generating high-affinity antibodies to difficult, non-immunogenic targets. Thi
s proprietary system, called EAP™ (Enhanced Affinity Platform), is a conceptually different immunization scheme, modeled on the rapid and
powerful immune response shown by mammals upon exposure to viral antigens. Through a series of coordinated modifications of both the antigen and the host animal, the EAP™ System achieves an entirely distinct immune response from standard immunization methods.

A key advantage of the EAP™ System is the facile production of immunogens and screening materials – whether the target is a protein, peptide, or small molecule. The EAP™ immunogens and screening materials are designed to generate and identify MAbs tailored to the most specific acceptance criteria. Distinct EAP™ modules are used to generate application-specific MAbs for IHC, flow cytometry, function blocking/activation, diagnostic applications, and lateral flow test kits.

Apply EAP™ to your targets
Unique EAP™-derived antibodies and assays


SLRC has developed a portfolio of test kits that are rapid, one-step, inexpensive solutions to a variety of diagnostic problems, bringing laboratory accuracy to on-site and POU/POC testing. SLRC’s formats are protected by a series of issued and pending patents.

Sandwich-PLUS: Novel assays for proteins, microbiological tests, and other large analytes

Sandwich-PLUS™is a patent-pending format that improves antibody-antigen binding kinetics and virtually eliminates cross-reactivity and sensitivity problems that result from inefficient binding of surface-attached antibodies.

IR (internally referenced) competitive assays for small molecules

Competitive immunoassays are the preferred method for detection of small molecules (<2000 daltons molecular mass), including drugs, environmental contaminants, and small peptides. SLRC’s patented IR-competitive
formats offer the following advantages:

    • pre-set internal reference for semi-quantitative results
    • design features allow movement of pre-set reference point across several logs of analyte concentration
    • extremely narrow “transition zone” from negative to positive result
    • sensitivity to < 1 ppb (ng/ml)

The IR-competitive
formats are used in the Company’s Watersafe® products, including the Watersafe® Lead Test - the world's first and only rapid immunoassay detecting picomolar quatities of single atoms (Pb++).

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