HemoTypeSC™ is a Point-of-Care test for Sickle-Cell Disease
  • Detects SCD, Hb C disease, carrier/trait status in about 10 minutes
  • Uses hyperspecific EAP™-derived monoclonal antibodies in a simple lateral-flow assay
  • Requires only ∼ 1-microliter sample of whole blood
  • 100% accuracy in published study (British Journal of Haematology)
  • Ultra-low cost for worldwide use
  • Now available for Investigational / Research Use Only

WaterSafe® tests are state-of-the-art home test kits for water
  • Do-it-yourself water testing kits allow you to check your drinking water for up to 10 common contaminants
  • Includes unique EAP™-based immunoassays for lead and pesticides
  • Validated by certified laboratories and calibrated to US EPA standards

RapidBac™ Vet is a lateral flow immunoassay for the detection of Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria in urine


Research Antibodies and Critical Reagents - We produce, purify and customize conjugates for our EAP™-derived monoclonal antibodies.

Custom Antibodies - Apply the EAP™ System to develop antibodies to your toughest targets.

Immunassay Development - We provide complete design-development-manufacturing services under one roof in our Southern California facilities.


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