Watersafe® Rapid Immunoassay Test Kits for Contaminants in Water

Watersafe® Lead in Drinking Water Test Kit

Watersafe® Pesticides in Drinking Water Test Kit

Watersafe® Rapid Bacteria Test for Swimming Pools

Watersafe® Well Water Test Kit

Watersafe® City Water Test Kit

RapidBac™ Vet

Test for Bacteriuria in Dogs and Cats


Drug Residue Tests for Cattle

Research-Use-Only Rapid Tests - Contact us for more information

RapidBac™ - rapid bacteriuria test for humans

HemoTypeSC™ - rapid test for Sickle Cell Disease and carrier status for low-resource settings

Reagents - EAP™-derived unique monoclonal antibodies and immunoassay reagent pairs

Small molecule immunoassays - antibiotics, pesticides, steroids, metabolites

Bacterial cell surface antigens - for immunodetection of bacteria

Markers of antimicrobial resistance

Toxins and threat agents

Human hemoglobins - markers of Sickle Cell Disease

Miscellaneous proteins

Labels and conjugates - PEG, DNP, etc

IHC-specific reagents


Antibody Development - Custom EAP™-derived Monoclonal Antibodies

Test Kit Development - Leverage SLRC’s patented test kit formats.

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