Leverage SLRC’s unique EAP™ antibodies and patented test kit formats to give your product unmatched capabilities, quality, and protection from competition.

SLRC has leading-edge design, development, and manufacturing capabilities, together in one place at our Southern California facilities. Seamless integration of dedicated expertise and facilities, unbeatable development timelines, and a proven track record of delivering top-quality products - make these your advantages!

Product development at SLRC is customized to reflect the individual specifications of each project. We offer the complete range of modules to take on everything from rapid prototype development to complete design-development-validation-manufacturing programs.


    • Reagent Development
          Our Reagents team develops EAP™ antibodies for your analyte
          or sources existing reagents.

    • Assay Development
          The Assay team builds a complete immunoassay.

    • Test Kit Development
          The TKD team uses available formats to produce a prototype kit
          to your specifications.

    • Process Development
          The PD team sets up pilot-scale and full-scale manufacturing
          under appropriate quality-control and regulatory standards.

    • Packaging Design
          Our team can assist you in developing a meaningful connection
          to your market.

    • Manufacturing
          Our in-house manufacturing facilities are capable of producing
          multiple test kits in lot sizes of >25,000 units.

    • Regulatory
          We can assist and support your FDA/ISO/other validation and
          certification needs throughout design-development-manufacturing.

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