Impossible is Possible

At Silver Lake Research, we develop and manufacture antibodies and antibody-based diagnostics for previously unaddressable targets using our proprietary immunization technology, the EAPô (Enhanced Affinity Platform) System. In our 20+-year history, EAPô-derived MAbs have made the impossible possible, in applications ranging from biomedical research to clinical and veterinary diagnostics to environmental and food testing. Our rapid point-of-use diagnostic test kits have brought laboratory accuracy to on-site and point-of-care testing across the world.

With patented test kit formats and custom-made EAPô antibodies, SLRC advances the state of the art in diagnostics through collaborations with commercial partners, academia, and government agencies. Our own pipeline products include novel tests for sickle-cell disease, microbiology and antimicrobial resistance, hormone imbalance, and metabolic diseases.

We look forward to serving our customers' and partnersí future needs with an ever-expanding range of products and services.

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