What It Is

A Point-of-Care Diagnostic Test for Sickle Cell Disease (SCD).

TM is a rapid diagnostic test for SCD, sickle cell trait, and hemoglobin C disease that is suitable for low-resource and rural regions worldwide.

  • Ultra-sensitive detection of hemoglobins A, S, and C in whole blood
  • 100% clinical accuracy, 100% sensitivity, and 100% specificity in published study (British Journal of Haematology)
  • Very low cost per test
  • Simple, three-step protocol
  • Delivers results at the point-of-care in about 10 minutes
  • Stable in high temperatures and high humidity
  • No liquid buffer components, and no refrigeration required
  • No interference from fetal hemoglobin

Why It Is Needed

The Global Impact of SCD Is Significant, and Growing.

Tens of millions of people are affected by SCD worldwide, with the majority residing in regions of the world that lack widespread diagnostic screening programs such as sub-Saharan Africa, central India, and eastern Brazil.

  • Six million children are born with SCD or sickle cell trait every year.
  • Up to 90% of newborns with SCD will die of this disease if undiagnosed.
  • Early SCD diagnosis followed by proper healthcare ha s been proven to dramatically increase SCD survival.
  • Currently-accepted diagnostic methodologies are expensive, time-consuming, and cannot be performed at the point-of-care.

HemoTypeSCTM Is Available Now

Currently offered as an investigational-use-only product for governments, Ministries of Health, NGOs, and hospitals to immediately deploy worldwide.

  • Clinical field validation trials are in progress throughout Africa and India.
  • Product registration within multiple countries is anticipated in early 2018.
  • We are currently seeking commercialization partnerships geared toward international product marketing and distribution for HemoTypeSC™.

For More Information:

Please contact Dr. Erik Serrao
Manager of Product and Business Development
via eserrao@silverlakeresearch.com

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